Last week I was in Brooklyn, visiting friends and doing some important writerly kinds of things (you know, like buying feather pens and sewing elbow patches on tweed jackets, etc.) when I happened to have an afternoon to myself.  I spent it wandering around lower Manhattan, window-shopping (which involved much drooling here and here,) and trying to muscle my way through the seven-hundred euro-hipsters waiting for a table at Cafe Gitane.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to refocus my city-walking-goggles.  But for the first few hours, I found myself noticing the strangest things.  Like, architecture.  And hidden community gardens.  And this incredible storefront display, which made me stop in my tracks (unfortunately for the NYU students speed-walking behind me, ah full circle…) and snap a photo:


It’s a Magical Seamstress’ Storefront Studio!  Which, in addition to being one mother of a tongue-twister, just happens to be where a number of scenes take place in WISH. (Being that lovely purple thing up there in the top corner.)

I love the tiny spools of thread and the lace and pearls.  And I can just imagine Posey on the other side of the glass, waiting all day long for that one, lucky customer to quietly step inside…