People, I have a Problem.

As far as problems go, I will say in advance it is not the worst one to have.  It’s not, say, life-threatening.  Or involving any kind of physical pain.  But it is a Problem, and when I have a Problem of any kind, the first thing I like to do with that Problem is to make it Other People’s Problem.  This way, the Problem divides into tens (hundreds?  thousands???) of leeetle teeny problems, and besides, I’ve always been a fan of sharing.

(At least since preschool when I wouldn’t share my snack with the Biting Boy.  If I’d known he was the Biting Boy when he asked for a graham cracker, I may have been more eager to share, but I didn’t, and he bit me, and now I share.)

(The moral of this story is not to only share with biters, incidentally.  But take away from it what you will.)

So back to the Problem.

(Isn’t Problem a funny word?  It’s starting to look a little foreign.  Or troll-y…)


Whew.  It’s possible that you’re starting to form your own opinions as to the Real Problem at this point, so I’ll cut to the chase.

Yesterday I got some very exciting news.  The Great Publishing Powers That Be have given the old thumbs up on the outline for the second Wish book (a.k.a. Wish 2: Electric Boogaloo,) which means… It’s time to start writing!

What this also means, is that — and this is a subtle, industry-specific interpretation and may get a little complicated so just do your best to follow along:

It’s time to start writing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my job.  I get to wear a lot of comfortable clothes (i.e. pajamas) and make my own schedule and read a lot of really great books all in the name of “research” etc. etc..  And I absolutely love having written a book.

But the writing part is hard!  Especially the getting started.  It’s a lot easier when you have an outline, but still.  There’s so much ELSE I should be doing.  And I mean REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS.  Like, say, organizing the DVD collection, alphabetically, and by color.  Or re-folding all of the T-shirts in the T-shirt drawer using only that really cool Japanese folding technique.

So this is where the sharing comes in.  Now that I have confessed my Problem — being that other, awful “P” word:  Procrastination — I’m hoping you can help.  The next time I tell you that I have a lot of “work” to do, please confirm that I am, in fact, sitting down somewhere with my computer, and not on my hands and knees with a toothbrush, scrubbing that little space between the bathtub and the wall.

Thanks, friends.

And Happy Friday.