Well, it’s been a spectacularly unproductive morning here at A.D.D. Headquarters, Up-Island Branch.

First, there’s the sun.  Have you seen it?  It’s EVERYWHERE.  I mean, this weekend was bad enough, what with the near-70 degree temperatures and surf boys running around, all sandy -footed and Endless Summer-like.   But at least there was the fog, which made being outside (for any non-surf related reason) fairly pointless.

But today, it’s all blue skies and this ridiculous late-Spring breeze that keeps setting off some sort of Pavlovian reaction and making me want to pack up my sweaters.  I thought the point of living in the New England was to hibernate and be grumpy and productive?  Thanks so much, global warning.  Now I’m just confused.

In addition to the totally inconsiderate weather, I have been plagued by too much Internet.  It all started with this list.  How genius is Michel Gondry? And how have I never seen that Bright Eyes vid before?  And is that Charles Widmore from LOST?

It’s a tough call, but I think this is my number one:

What about you?  Favorites?  Most Overrated? Overlooked?

Answer quick, before the sun wins and I play outside.