So I take back those nasty things I said about the sun. It was such a lovely fall weekend here on the island, made even lovelier by a visit from my lovely friend Leah, who made the long journey from NYC (which shouldn’t be that long, but always is, due to bus stop-overs, erratic ferry schedules and traffic…ugh.)  And I’m so happy she did, because it was a festive pre-Thanksgiving couple of days, involving lots of friends, cooking, baking…and eating.

(I mean LOTS of eating.  Here is a *partial* list of yesterday’s pot-luck menu:  Deep fried turkey, sweet potatoes with marshmallow-meringues, homemade mac & cheese, cranberry sauce, creamed spinach, brussels sprouts two-ways, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, and for dessert:  sugar-dusted pumpkin churros with chocolate fondue.  Incredible.)

Since Leah is a fancy photographer (her new website is and it’s amazing — though I’m having trouble linking to it) we also took lots of pictures.  Or, Leah took lots of pictures, and I did a lot of not-sitting-still and squinting and whining.  This is because I am quite possibly the world’s most uncomfortable picture-poser.  The sun is too bright, something itches, I can’t stop laughing, I can’t stop crying…you get the idea.  Luckily, there is an abundance of non-awkward natural beauty around here, so hopefully she got some keepers, despite my lack of on-camera competence.

Leah happens to be Canadian, which means that people ask her about  hockey and health care a lot.  You know who else is Canadian?  Sandra Bullock’s character in The Proposal, which I watched this weekend and very much enjoyed.  I mean, you’ve got your Sandy, your Ryan Reynolds, classic romantic comedy hijinks, sweeping Alaskan landscapes, and Betty White for crying out loud.  What’s not to enjoy?

All in all, a perfect few days.  I only opened my computer once (so that Leah could show me an amazing video of Sesame Street gangsta rap.)   Which means that it’s time to get back to the writing.  Luckily, I think I ate enough this weekend to keep some of my usual snack-break distractions at bay…at least until lunch.