While I’m trying my hardest to write my way out of this five-day food-coma (I’m officially off pie, I’ve decided,)  I thought I’d share some of the exciting reviews that have been coming in over the past few weeks.  I can’t believe there’s only a little over a month until WISH is out there in the real world.  It’s been so surreal and amazing to hear your reactions to the book, whether it be a professional review, shout-outs on awesome YA blogs, or an email from my (very macho!) uncle, saying he couldn’t put the book down.  I couldn’t be happier, or more thankful for such appreciative readers…of all kinds!

From Kirkus Reviews, 12/1/09

“…the detailed descriptions of San Francisco and above all the sisters’ relationship provide solid grounding for a touching, enjoyable read that will have readers rooting for Olivia to find her own voice and step into the sun.”

From Booklist, 12/1/09

“This effortless fantasy makes good use of the conceit of wishes, giving Olivia what she needs to ultimately let her sister go… The happily-ever-after ending is pure wish fulfillment, but still one deservedly obtained.”  –Booklist, 12/1/09

From RT BookReviews, 1/10
“In this absorbing tale about priorities, the writing is engaging and the modern-day fairy-tale scenario will please fiction lovers.  The beautiful dresses, meanwhile, will appeal to fashion lovers everywhere!”  (Four Stars!)