There has been some writing going on over here lately, which is a nice change of pace from the not-writing that was happening for some troubling days (slash weeks.)

But, as we are deep in the season of merriment and consumerism, I have also found time to participate in both.  Lots of etsy browsing, particularly at this little print shop (NOTE: Do not click if you think I might be buying you a present.  Because chances are I found it here.)

And as for the merriment, there have been Hannukah parties and birthday cakes like the incredible chocolate oatmeal cake with raspberry jam filling EC’s mom bakes for me every year.  There are no words, people.  No words.

Yesterday also saw an all-day football man party happening in my house, which, I know, sounds scary, but when the men arrive bearing gifts of dry rubbed pork ribs and maple cured venison sausage, watching football is suddenly a lot more fun.

And finally, some more video candy for you.  This is my all-time favorite anti-holiday carol, and I’ve just discovered the video companion, which of course lead to furious googling and the unfortunate discovery of Kirsty MacColl’s death by “controversial boating incident.”

‘Tis the Season!