Hello, long-lost lovelies!

I’ve been terrible at this posting business lately. I’m sorry. But the good news is that, in theory, the less time I spend blogging, the more time I spend writing WISH 2.

(Which, by the way, isn’t really called WISH 2.  In fact, it isn’t really called anything, yet, so if anybody has any suggestions for book titles that might work as a sequel –perhaps, but not necessarily, involving the word “Wish” in any way, shape or form — PLEASE share.  Seriously.  I’ve been majorly slacking in this department. )

And the blog-to-book ratio has been more than just a theory, as I’ve been making great progress and am super excited to turn in this draft.  I can’t believe how fast everything is happening these days.  The first book isn’t even officially out yet, and I’m already thinking about cover art for the second one.  And while I’m answering questions for blog tours and interviews (more on that, soon!) about Olivia, Violet and the first WISH crew, I already have an entirely new set of characters swimming around in my brain , interrupting almost every coherent thought and demanding to be attended to at once.

They are quite needy, these characters, like puppies that haven’t been housebroken or, from what I hear, children.  Which I guess makes sense, since they are young and don’t really know how to do anything on their own, yet.  They are chock full of insecurities, and don’t like to be left to their own devices.  So I’ve been trying to spend as much time with them as I can.

Which I guess is a long-ish to answer to Where I’ve Been.  Doing that, and stuffing myself with Christmas cookies.  And seeing Avatar in 3D, which I highly recommend.  And don’t miss the previews, they’re almost the best part.

Just in case, here’s the new full trailer for Alice in Wonderland.  Enjoy!