First, some mini news:  I officially exist!  On the Interweb, that is.  As of today, this blog will be hosted at  Which means absolutely nothing, I don’t think, except that maybe you can find me easier?  And also that someday in the not-so distant future, when I have fifteen minutes to catch my breath, and when I can convince my wildly talented and freakishly tall friend Chris to squeeze me into his busy schedule, I will have my very own website with pages and things!

Also, another review!  This one’s from School Library Journal, and you can read the full review here.

“This first-time novelist has produced an enjoyable variation on the three magical wishes scenario with nicely executed and believable characters, not so much fairy tale as realistic story–with some teen drinking. Olivia works through the wishes to realize her strengths and learn to face the world on her own.

I really love it when reviewers highlight the fact that even though there are magical dresses and ghosts and glowing butterflies, etc. etc. and so forth, WISH isn’t all fairy tale, all the time.

Also, let’s talk about teen drinking.  I mean, not right now. But, I’ve been getting LOTS of comments on this subject, and there are some things I want to say and questions I want to ask you.  So let’s talk about it sometime, okay?

In the meantime,  please go here and read what another fabulous book blogger has to say about WISH.  I love cover love!