So it’s been a totally nutty few days in NYC, full of readings (with so many talented and lovely authors, about whom I will be raving when I am capable of thinking thoughts, again) and an absolutely fantastic launch party for WISH (pictures to come, as well)…and before I go into writing hibernation for a few days, I wanted to point you towards these exciting giveaways.

Ann-Kat at Today I Read has a really fun giveaway contest, involving a big group story project!  Check it out here.  (Even though I appear as “Alexander” in some places.  We’ll pretend it’s a nickname.)

And my very own editor Aimee Friedman wrote a super sweet post about WISH on the Scholastic blog On Our Minds, with another fun giveaway at the end.  (ALERT:  Here you will also find a video, in which I babble nervously and am wearing a TERRIFYING amount of liquid foundation.  We will be discussing this at length in the future.  Be warned.)

So that’s where the free things are.  Now go get ’em!

And Happy, Happy Weekend.  (See you soon, pajamas.  It’s been too long…)