I mean.  Hi!  You look so pretty today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Recently (I say recently because it could have been yesterday, last week, or maybe in a dream I had, such is the fluid and completely disorienting nature of my life in these final days of deadline panic,)  somebody asked me about  my writing-related goals for 2010.  I think I said something generic like “Do More Of It!” — which also happens to be true — but I’d like to specify a bit.

What I’d really LOVE to learn how to do is work on a project, even if that project is expected in the hands of others, thereby creating a bit of stress and mild anxiety and all of the other wonderful insecurities induced by deadlines and publishers, and ALSO be able to FUNCTION as a HUMAN BEING.

I’ve been struggling with this lately.  Just ask anybody who hasn’t seen me in weeks.

This extends to blogging, and all of the other usually fun networky type things that are part of being an author these days.  I really, honestly love these things.  I just can’t seem to do them (well) and write at the same time.

Can you?  And can you tell me how?

While I’m waiting for your solutions, I’ll be locked into Mac Freedom (yes, I know I could just disconnect the wireless, but it’s not the same, I have a problem, I know,) and hoping you’ll check out the fun ALA pics I posted to the BRAND NEW WISH FACEBOOK FAN PAGE !  (With actual fans and everything!)

With love and exasperation,