Yesterday afternoon, I sent the very first draft of my very first sequel off to my lovely editors.  As I mentioned on Twitter, this did not happen quietly. There was much squealing, and then much celebrating in the form of a night on the town with the man friend.

And although “night on the town” equals “2-for-1 entree night at one of three restaurants still open in the off-season,” I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration.  It definitely takes some getting used to, living in a place where you know seventy-five percent of the people eating dinner at the tables around you, but there is something really special about getting to share good news right away.  A perfect island night.

And now…the morning after. I haven’t had all that much experience with this phenomenon, but I can tell you it feels strange.  I don’t really know what to do with myself, now that I don’t have a draft to tweak and stare at.  It’s out of my hands, at least for a while, and all I can do is wait…and wait…and try not to dissolve into a puddle of insecurities while I wait.

Here are some non-writing things I’d like to do while waiting:

(Kind of like New Year’s Resolutions, only shorter-term.   And late.)

Shower.  (Like, regularly.  And before noon.)

-Do yoga again.  (I nearly cracked a rib trying to do a single sun salutation yesterday.  Have I mentioned my less-than-stellar Wii Fit assessment?  Needs work, and lots of it.)

Walk the dogs.  (Outside.  And beyond the perimeter of the yard.)

Cook things with vegetables in them.  (Deadline diet involved lots of pasta, oatmeal, and baked goods.  Need veggie detox. Bad.)

-Do a little warm-weather shopping, because we are going to Nicaragua in two weeks!!!

That’ll do, to start.

What do other people do when they’ve parted ways with their projects, I wonder?  I always just feel overwhelmed by non-humaness that it’s hard to know how best to move on.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Non-starch-dominated recipes to share?  I’ll be here…