It’s been a busy few days of hunkering down to write in blankets (for some) and shoveling on repeat while grumbling about lost gloves and gamely making do with stunning orange ones (for others,) but I thought I’d poke my head out from the blizzardy snow-zone to say hello, and point you in other, more exciting directions.

Here’s an interview I did with Kaylyn at Darling Reviews.

Here’s a really nice review on the Myrtle Beach Alternatives‘ Literary Page.

Here’s another nice review (5 stars!) at Cassandra’s Books (are) Critical Blog!

Thanks, Kaylyn!  Thanks, Cassandra!  Thanks, Myrtle Beach!

Also, before it got all horizontal-blinding-wind-spitty around here, I stopped over at the wonderful Bunch of Grapes bookstore and saw, for the very first time, my very first book on display:

(Please note the strategic angling of the camera, not-at-all accidentally capturing the close proximity of shiny sparkly purpleness to GOING BOVINE by Libba Bray, only the Printz-award winning Best Ever Book of 2009, no-big-deal.)

And now, it’s back to the hunkering and shoveling…and man-glove-hiding….mwaaaahahahaha.

(We are one tube of red lipstick away from some Shining-style stir CRAZY.  Wish us luck.)