Last night, I got a text from my brother.  Both of my brothers consider texting as little more than a vehicle for more jokes and nonsense babble, so when my phone blinked and I saw a note from George, who lives hours away and communicates only in a dialect more commonly known as sarcasm, asking if we were underwater yet, I didn’t jump to investigate.

Let me take this opportunity to remind you that I am on a deadline.  I rarely look out the window, much less leave the house, and while, yes, I’ve noted the pitter patter of raindrops falling on the roof (in fact, one night it was less pitter patter and more wildebeest-trampling-the-gutters…) I saw no cause for alarm.

I’ve also been told it’s windy.  Again, on account of the deadline brain, I haven’t actually witnessed this alleged “wind” phenomenon first hand.  But I can recall typing to the soothing tones of what may have been a mid-sized commercial aircraft landing in the yard.  And, I have foggy memories of EC returning home from work yesterday, dripping wet and saying something about waves the height of large buildings crashing into the cliffs.

But still, I didn’t worry.  No, the worrying only began at about 6:30 this morning, when I was lovingly brought out of sleep by some language that is nowhere near blog-friendly.  EC had gone down to the basement to get some tools, and found them floating in puddles a few inches deep.

Because we are, in fact, underwater.  Or, at least, the basement is.  I just ran down to take some pictures and was told not to leave the steps, in the event that any wires are wet and exposed, in which case I might be electrocuted.


I guess there’s a moral to this story, though I don’t really have time to figure it out.  Something about how staring at nothing but your computer screen for days on end may lead to death by flood or electrocution.  Though I prefer the one about texting emergencies ONLY IN ACTUAL EMERGENCIES.

But, to each his own.

For now, it’s back to work.  Tomorrow I’m off again to NYC, for some NYTAF (that’s New York Teen Author Festival) fun, and when I get back, perhaps I will report on how the sun finally came out again this morning, because hopefully by then I will have noticed.