(First things first:  Here’s where I ask you to insert my now-customary groveling for not showing up here more often.  Grovelgrovelgrovel.  So sorry.  Is that a new haircut?  I love it!  Let’s be friends.)


Spring is springing here on the island, and here’s something I’ve been doing a lot (since it’s clearly not blogging):  getting the garden ready!   I can’t imagine how dull it is to read about somebody else’s garden…actually, I don’t need to imagine it, I clearly remember reading these kinds of “My Lettuce!  My Beets!  My Cow-Poop Organic Fertilizer Mix!” posts/articles before, back when I’d never had a garden of my own and was happy to buy shrink-wrapped spinach at top dollar.


But, my, how things change.  Especially when you have a backyard for the first time in your life, and the idea of growing your own vegetables in it becomes not only practical, but really kind of life-changing and exciting.  And so, without further ado, I give you…

My Lettuce!  My Beets!  My Cow-Poop Organic Fertilizer Mix!

Now, here’s where you’re probably thinking: “But, Garden Novice, none of that looks anything like lettuce. or beets.  Cow poop, maybe, but come on!”

And you’re right,  but, as usual, I have excuses.  The first is that I just got this fancy application on my iphone, that takes these crazy pictures and requires massive amounts of patience in order to get the lens/film/flash settings just right.  If you know me at all, you know I have no patience, and so what you see is a result of haphazard guessing and the random pushing of buttons. Which is to say, sorry for the glare.

Excuse #2 isn’t so much an excuse, as a little lesson in horticulture.  I just planted these two weeks ago, so they’re still little baby seedlings.  And they’re adorable!  The beets have these little purple stems, and the lettuce is strong and healthy.  There’s also baby leeks, baby swiss chard, basil, arugula, greens galore!   But really, none of it looks like anything you’d ever want to put in a salad, and that’s because they’re newborns.  So get of my back!

As you can see, I have no idea what I’m doing, so let’s all say a prayer that these little guys survive my first go at bringing them into existence.  At least until I eat them.


Want to know something else I have no idea how to do?  Give a book talk!  Which is unfortunate, since I’m supposed to be giving one this afternoon.  I’ve done some of these before, and they’re always really casual, and I usually stumble through by saying something half-coherent and being my usual self-deprecating, hopefully-charming-enough-to-make-you-forget-I’m-not-really-saying-anything self.  But I feel like there has to be a better way.  And so I ask you:

Do you go to book talks?  What happens there?  What do you wish happened there, instead?  If you are a teenager, and you’re interested in writing, what would you like to hear a published author talk about?

I’m thinking about bringing in a few drafts of a chapter in the WISH sequel, just to show how many times things change from draft to draft and what the whole editor/writer back-and-forth is like.  Is that boring?  Does anybody care about that kind of thing?  I’m seriously asking, here.  This isn’t a hypothetical situation, or something I’d like you to think quietly about in the privacy of your cubicle/room.  I mean, think all you want, but then HELP ME, FOR THE LOVE OF LIZA!  k?  thanks.


Speaking of the WISH sequel, I have some big big news!  Well, not, like, it’s gonna be a movie and we’re all gonna be billionaires news…but almost.  At last, we have a title!  The sequel to WISH will be..


What do you think?  I really like it.  It took us all (editorial team plus me plus basically everyone I’ve come into contact with in the past six months, sorry about that guys…)  quite some time to settle on, but I think it’s the perfect play on the WISH theme, and it actually relates to the story quite a bit, which is nice (and not always the case.)

So that’s the news.  But let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the movie/billionaire scenario, too, shall we?


I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not a boy between the ages of 7-17.  Which is too bad, because this next little news item is probably going to only be of interest to that demographic.  But I think it’s really exciting, and this is my blog (even if I neglect horribly,) so here we go:

My boyfriend, Eliot — who I rarely talk about in this space because he’s all kinds of shy and convinced that I’m going to tell embarrassing stories about him and that you, my gazillions of readers, are going to find him and laugh at him someday — is starting a skateboarding camp on Martha’s Vineyard.  He just got the website up and running, and we’d both be so happy if you checked it out, and maybe even spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.

Linky linky:  www.mvskatecamp.com!  Hooray!

This past weekend we sat in a booth at an all-island trade show, to benefit our local radio station (Hi, WVVY!) and get people psyched about Skate Camp.  We sold some goodies and passed out stickers and fliers, and I tried (again) to master my new fancy camera phone:

A little better, right?  Anyway, the trade show was a blast, much like  Skate Camp will be this summer!

Come on, look at this guy.  Don’t you want to high-five him too?

That’s what I have for you today.  As always, I will try to be better about checking in.  I’ve just handed in my third (and pretty much final!!!) draft of the sequel…I mean, Wishful Thinking…and I know you’re probably tired of excuses, but this revision process truly threw me for a life-wrenching loop.  But it’s in!

And now I begin the cycle of returning to humanity, which, for the good of us all, begins with a shower.