So I have this little brother, George — he who is not so little and also sends alarming texts — and he has started a blog!  Find it here:

Young Politics Blog.

It’s about fashion, I think.

Just kidding.  It’s about what it means to be a young person interested in and worried about the state of our political environment.

Or something like that.  George has always been wise beyond his years; maybe it’s because he was given an old man’s name and is still trying to make the best of it.  (When he was little we used to make it worse by calling him by his Greek name — Yiorgos — loudly and in public.)

He’s also freakishly good at remembering useless trivia, endlessly compassionate (he spent a year washing the feet of homeless people, for crying out loud,) and is the proud papa of the world’s most popular corgi/lab/chow mix, Bear.

Most of what he writes is way over my head, because he reads books about history and knows important names and dates, and I generally prefer to make things like that up.  But I usually agree with the stuff I do understand, and even when I don’t, I am always impressed by how many big words he knows.

Mostly because there was a time when all he could say was “DON’T CALL ME YORDIGO!” and I remember that time well.