I know I’m a little late to the party, here, but aren’t weddings the best?

Traditionally, I’m not much of a sentimental wedding-goer. I appreciate the significance of the day, and I love sharing in the celebration, watching as friends and family come together, two become one, etc. etc. and so forth.  But for the most part, I don’t really get it.  Maybe I’m tragically unromantic and boring, or maybe I’ve just been a witness too often to the amount of time and stress (and money!) that goes into planning these events, but I’ve always thought that, when the time comes, I’d probably just opt to have a very low-key party, with only a few friends and family, and use all of the time and stress (and money!) I’d be saving to do something else, like travel…or buy a house.

This was all fine by me.  Until I went to my childhood friend Lauren’s wedding last weekend.  And let me tell you, she totally screwed everything up.  The wedding was perfect, and beautiful, and fun, and casual-but-elegant, and delicious, and dance-party-tastic, and refreshing, and SO FUN!  Did I say fun?  It made me not want to think about silly, frivolous things like travel and home-owning ever again, so long as I might dare to hope for repeating such a flawless event.  Here’s proof:

The happy couple.  (Seriously, has there ever been a more ecstatically beautiful bride?  Methinks not.)

And that dancing I mentioned?  All thanks to the incredibly costumed and hyper-energetic  Spazmatics, seen here, during what was by far the most excellent rendition of Video Killed The Radio Star ever performed, ever:

But the best part of the whole celebration (which lasted three days and spanned various gorgeous Malibu-area venues,) was seeing so many of the girls I grew up with, and reminiscing about bad outfits (multi-colored spandex, anyone?) and even badder behavior, and marveling at the fact that we all turned out okay.

Here’s one of my oldest friends, (also named Lauren,) who was the most poised and perfect Maid of Honor, toasting the couple (and apparently leading the crowd in a seated version of “Stop! In the Name of Love.”)

I think this is my favorite picture, and it was one of my favorite moments of the night. You can tell how much the couple is loving the speech (which was hilarious) and it just makes me all gushy and teary to see how happy all three of them look.

So, as you can see, I’m totally ruined.  Thanks a ton, Mr. and Mrs. Wells.  Because of you, I’ll be moving all of my savings into the someday dream-wedding fund.

And probably living in a tent.