I’m just back from a quick trip to Toronto, where I was treated like royalty by the lovely people of Scholastic Canada, and attended the Teen Reads Awards, hosted by Indigo/Chapters.

I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see so many young people so excited about books and authors.  There was a red carpet.  There were interviews.  There were screaming (literally, screaming) fans.  There were funny monster videos and breakdancing stars and tiny pop idols.   It was incredible.

I didn’t win in my category (Best New Writer) but luckily, I’d rehearsed my It’s-An-Honor-To-Be-Nominated line to perfection.  And honestly, it was.  I was pitted against some real heavy-hitters and the fact that Canadian readers even know that my book exists still warms my cold American heart.

Check out Indigo’s facebook pics from the event.

A word (or two) about Indigo:   They Rock.  Seriously, these people are among the nicest, most book-lovingest people I’ve ever met.  Indigo is, I gather, a Canadian chain, similar to Borders or B&N, but the stores (or at least the one I visited) manage to feel like little neighborhood bookshops.  And the fact that so many people worked so hard, for so long, to put this one event together, herding hundreds of teenagers and getting them to dance and scream for categories like “Best Villain” and “All Time Favorite Read”, is astounding.  I was so proud to have been asked to attend.

While I was there, I did a quick interview with a lovely little lady named Angela.  Check out her site (she’s like thirteen and she has her own magazine!) and some more pictures from the night here.

In other international news, I’ve found a few early sightings of Wishful Thinking around the web, which reminds me that I still haven’t linked to the new cover yet, have I?  What is wrong with me?  It’s so bright and shiny and gold! See it here in the middle of this blurb that I can’t read in French!

ALSO, I was just sent a link to a German review, but, once again, I have no idea what it says.  Any German-speakers want to translate?  I tried to do it online, and gather it’s mostly positive, but the Google-bots leave much to be desired by way of syntax and grammar.

Though I particularly loved this gem of a google-translated line:

“I think, the authoress would like with the fact proven that one can create everything, if one is firmly of it convinced.”

The authoress would most definitely like this fact proven.  Get on it, people.