Hey, guess what happened on December 1st which was almost a week ago and that I totally neglected to mention?

WISH came out in PAPERBACK!

This is fantastic!  Why?  Because not only is the new cover really cute and paper-y, but the book is so much LIGHTER!  You can bring it with you EVERYWHERE!  It’s WAY lighter than your iPad, and probably even lighter than your Kindle (though if you insist on lugging those futuristic things around you can buy it as an eBook, too.)

It’s so light you can buy like ten thousand copies and carry them with you to the home of every distant relative you visit this holiday season, strategically planting them in libraries and bookshelves and bathrooms world-wide!

It’s so light you can balance it on your head while standing on one foot and reciting the alphabet backwards!  I have no idea why you’d want to do this, but you could.

Get it?  Buy it!



p.s. stay tuned for some exciting giveaways coming up this week…