Guess what?  The wonderfully fabulous team at Scholastic has decided that I get to give you free books!

Yep, I said it:  books. Not just one book.  TWO BOOKS!  Because not only will two lucky winners be receiving a super-special ARC of WISHFUL THINKING (super-special because not everyone gets to see these babies in their first-run stages, and also because they’ll be signed and doodled on by me!) but we’re also throwing in a shiny new paperback of WISH (which, as I may have mentioned, makes a fantastically portable holiday gift!)

Since we’re coming up on the New Year, I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions. Resolutions are kind of like wishes that you have the power to make come true, right?  They’re not crazy, outlandish, I-want-a-bazillion-dollar-or-a-pony-or-a-bazillion-dollar-pony wishes.  They’re wishes that come from you, wishes that might change you or open new doors, and maybe make things better for you or the people you love.  These are the kinds of real-wish resolutions that are most worth keeping.

I’m going to spend the next few weeks thinking about all of the things I want to wish-real in 2011, and I’d love a little inspiration.  What sorts of things will you be real-wishing for in the New Year?

All you have to do is leave a comment  and tell me what real-wish you’re making this New Year’s Eve.  Blog-bored? Tell me on Twitter.  Tweet-tired?  Write me a note on Facebook.  Facebook-freaked? Send an email to  Computer-crazy? DO ALL FOUR!  (You’ll be entered once for each.)

The contest is open until Dec. 31st. On New Years Eve I’ll pick TWO WINNERS at random and send out some extra-special Wish-inspired treats!

Good Luck and Happy Wishing!!!