You know how people are always saying how busy they are?

And you know how that’s annoying?

Especially when “people” is a person like me, who spends most of her day staring into space, drawing squiggly lines in a notebook and/or obsessively googling new ways to cook brussels sprouts.

That said, I know I’ve been a terrible blogger, and there’s something I really need for you to know:

I’ve been sooooooo busy!!

But seriously.  Here’s why:

#1:  I got hitched!  

Yes, it was all the way back in September, but it feels like it could have been last week.  It was the most perfect day.  We had a full weekend to spend time with everybody we love,  and though the forecast called for “drown-pours,”  the rain stayed away long enough for us to say our vows:


…do some posing…

…and dance the night away.

Also, I got to wear these boots:

The Best.

(For more photos,  check out the blog of our super-talented and lovely wedding photographer, Alice Proujansky.)


I wrote a book!  

Well, part of a book.  And an outline.  And did lots of hemming and hawing about both.

But the best part is…a real-live publisher wants to publish it!  

From Publisher’s Marketplace:  

Children’s: Young Adult
Alexandra Coutts’s TUMBLE AND FALL, in which the imminent end of the world is an unavoidable fact of life and three contemporary teens must wrestle with love, friendship, and family as they decide how to live their final days, to Wesley Adams at Farrar, Straus Children’s, in a good deal, for publication in Fall 2013, by Sara Shandlerat Alloy Entertainment (World English).


(And yes, that says Alexandra Coutts, which is my new, fancy married-lady name.  I have such mixed feelings about changing it, but in the end I decided that my new initials are just too cool to live without. ABC!)

I am so excited about this book, I can’t even tell you.  It’s been a long, long time in the making, (and it’s not nearly finished, yet…) and I cannot WAIT for you to read it.

#3.  We’re building a house!  

Oh My God we are building a house.

I don’t have any pictures, on account of it’s just a tiny piece of land with some trees on it, but it’s Such A Pretty Tiny Piece Of Land!

Updates, updates, updates to come.

So…new name, new book, new house…that counts as busy, right?  (Even if I do still spend most of my days in pajamas.)

And you know how I feel about New Year Resolutions (I don’t like them) but I really, really hope that this year could be the year that I show up here more often.

Because I like you, and I like when you send me nice emails and comments.  I even like when you send me weird emails like “Can you write my book report for me?” or “I liked your book but the ending should be better.” And I especially like when you send me emails in languages I can’t read and I get to use some shoddy internet service to translate them and they end up sounding all backwards and amazing.  And I would like to get more of those in 2012.

So here’s hoping.