Firstly, thanks to all who participated in the YA for NJ auction last week! Over $13,000 was raised for Hurricane Sandy relief! It was truly amazing to see so many YA authors and readers come together so quickly to make this happen. Again, thanks to Kieran for leading the charge. Way to go, everyone! 

I have some other happy news to share. While I’ve sort of talked around it in the past, I realize I haven’t formally announced that I have a new book coming out soon. I do! I really do! It’s called Tumble & Fall and it will be out, appropriately, next fall. Hooray!

I can’t tell you how much I loved writing this book. (A lot.) But I can give you a list of reasons why I hope you’ll love reading it:

  • It takes place on my home island of Martha’s Vineyard, in the summertime. (Which, let’s be honest, is truly the most wonderful time of the year…sorry, Christmas.)
  • There are three main characters. My first multi-POV book! Three characters, three stories, three times the fun.
  • It has almost all of my favorite things in it: summer, road trips, boat rides, oysters, end-of-the-world-parties, breaking-and-entering (not a personal favorite, but fun to write!) making out on docks, making out on beaches, making out in tents (three main characters = three love stories, duh) used bookshops, live music, and confetti. 
  • Did I mention the asteroid? There’s an asteroid. A big one.
  • But it’s not your typical asteroid book. (Is there such a thing? I don’t know.)
  • It’s a book about what happens when nothing is certain, and everything is about to change. What would you do, with five days left? How would you spend them, and who would you spend them with? 

So there you have it. Hopefully, the world won’t actually end before next fall, and we’ll all get to read about it from the comfort of our non-asteroid-demolished couches. 

Oh, and one more tiny little bit o’ business. I have a new name! This I definitely have mentioned before, but since the book is coming out kinda soon, and since it’s written under my new name, I figured I should tell you again. I got married and I changed my name and my new name is:

Alexandra Coutts. 

(rhymes with boots. I guess I am  destined to forever have names that need pronunciation guides…sigh…)

Ok, that really is everything. 

Thanks for checking in!