It’s snowing again. 

Is it snowing where you are? It seems like it’s been snowing for four months here. It was charming, at first. Now it’s a nuisance. One of my dogs refuses to go out, and the other refuses to come back in. It’s an endless dance of opening and closing the back door and toweling off their stupid paws. I’m over it. 


(At least they’re cute.)

It was not snowing in Brooklyn this weekend, though it was nose-numbingly cold and windy. After a traffic-and-weather-cursed journey that felt like something straight out of a Ben Stiller flick, Big E, little e and I arrived at our hotel, just in time to catch the last hour of my BRILLIANT cousin’s movie premiere at BAM. The film (which does not star Ben Stiller) is called KILL YOUR DARLINGS (check it out here) and it was stunning. Even if the director was not my blood relative, and even if I didn’t read many drafts of the script in my now-defunct NYC writer’s group, I would sing this movie’s praises to anyone who would listen. 

Here’s a little video interview starring my cousin, the talented and adorable John Krokidas, and the rest of the amazing cast (Daniel Radcliffe! Ben Foster! Jack Huston!) Gah! So much adorable talent in one place, it’s practically criminal. 

I did lots of other fun and exciting stuff in New York, but I’m not going to write about it now. I’m going to write about it later, because this is a blog, and a blog is where you write things — that’s more than one thing — on consecutive days. So I will be back here to write more things on another day that is after this day. Like tomorrow, maybe? 

We’ll see.