It has been really, really hard to keep quiet about how much I love the cover of my next book, and today, AT LAST, I don’t have to!

This morning Entertainment Weekly did an exclusive reveal of the cover and a short excerpt on their Shelf Life blog! Go see it and then quick, come back and tell me what you think. 

Since the book doesn’t come out until September, I’ve only seen this beauty myself a handful of times, and have had to be satisfied with a dinky picture I took on my phone when I visited the FSG offices last month. 

I love the cover so much, I joked on Twitter that I wanted to marry it. Only, it wasn’t a joke. Find me a state where it is legal to marry book covers, and I will move to that state. (Polygamy will have to be okay there, too. I’d like to bring my husband.)

Hurry up, September. Things are starting to get a little nutty around here.