Firstly, I’d like to note that I very much enjoyed the season finale of GIRLS (I can’t remember much about it, just that it was smooshy and nice and the perfect antidote to the trauma of the episode before it) and am fully back aboard the Lena Dunham fangirl train. For the record.

Second, things have been pretty quiet over here. There was a rough baby patch (by which I mean a trying period of time in baby-land, and not a rough patch on my baby, or a patch of rough babies. Important distinctions, I realize.)

Ear infections (yes, plural), a surprise penicillin allergy, many a sleepless night…it was a hoot.

But all is well now! It is almost impossible to believe that my tiny little mini-me is going to be One. Year. Old. in less than a month. But there it is. There used to be (I guess there still is, though it used to be updated more often) this really great podcast called The Longest Shortest Time and that’s exactly what the first year of motherhood has felt like. Some days are effortless, (or almost effortless) like quick commuter flights, and some are meandering trips across the globe, with layovers, missed connections and lots and lots of turbulence.

Why the airplane metaphors? Perhaps because we will be taking one next week! We are headed to San Diego and Arizona for some much-needed family vacation time. And yes, we will be those dreaded, frazzled plane parents, walking their antsy almost-toddler up and down the aisles, throwing open bags of peanuts all over the seats, and most likely howling bloody murder at take off and landing. (All three of us.) Apologies in advance to anyone who forgets their earphones — or Ambien, as the case may be.

Here’s a picture of my kid with a strainer on her head, in case that helps: