Over the holiday weekend, my cousin Emily and her husband Jon — two of my most favorite people — came to visit. It couldn’t have been better timing. You know those friends that just put things in perspective and make everything in the world seem possible and important? That’s Emily and Jon. And spending time with them was just what I needed as I embarked on my first week of the #tumbleandfall challenge.

Which isn’t to say I accomplished a whole lot. But I took some big first steps. I had my first skateboarding lesson this morning! I posted a photo on Instagram , but here’s another in which I appear to be moving:


(Mostly, it’s an optical illusion. I probably moved three feet over the course of half an hour.)

But I did it! I got on a skateboard! For some reason, I thought, since I have pretty good balance on land, I’d have no problem standing on a skateboard. This wasn’t exactly the case. Turns out, the wheels roll and stuff. And it’s hard!

Next up, new shoes, a bigger helmet, and maybe even some pushing around.

Also this week, a colleague sent me a link to Story Corps, which gave me some really great ideas about interviewing my parents. (#10 on the Challenge List.) I also did some housekeeping around here, and set up a page for the challenge, so that I can keep track of what I get done and when.

Yesterday, I went to my first yoga class (in way longer than I’d like to admit.) Before I had a baby, yoga was a huge part of my life. I’ve missed it a lot, but sometimes it’s hard to talk yourself into doing things you’ve fallen out of the habit of doing. Getting back to yoga wasn’t something I put on my challenge list, but I sort of feel like dragging myself to class was important for me to do this week. It wiped the slate clean, in a way, and got me ready to tackle new and bigger challenges, soon.

My favorite part of this week was hearing from other people about their lists and watching them already meeting some of their goals! One of my editors is mastering his headstand, and another is planning something super secret and exciting for later this summer! What about you? What’s something you’ve been putting off for too long? (Extra points if it’s a little bit scary.) I want to hear about it!

xoxo – and happy weekend!