Hi friends.

It was a big week in Challenge land! Despite (or maybe because of) a serious heatwave here on the island, I was able to get to work on a few of my bigger goals. I even crossed one off the list completely!

#2. Take A Paddle Board Lesson.

Have you guys tried this? It’s sort of a cross between surfing and canoeing. You stand on a big, foam surfboard and paddle around, and it’s insanely fun. A great friend of mine, Kaila, lives on a beautiful farm in Chilmark, across the road from a pond and beyond it, one of the Island’s most gorgeous beaches. She also happens to be an expert paddle boarder, and she offered to take me out for a lesson yesterday afternoon. It was almost evening, and the light on the pond was turning dusky orange. Sometimes I really can’t believe how lucky we are to call this place home.


Here I am getting comfortable (almost) on the board. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, though I can see how it’s a great workout if you do it for a while. It takes some serious abdominal strength to work the paddle and not fall over. But it’s such a cool way to cross the pond and say, go for a quick jump in the ocean, which we happily did.

On our way back, Kaila, who is also a rockstar yogini, convinced me to try some yoga postures on the board. Here I am in a somewhat half-hearted downward dog. (I was sure I’d topple over, by this point.)


Then, to inspire me for next time, she showed off her headstand. I have no idea how she did this. I can hardly do a headstand on solid ground, these days.


I guess the point is, I’m already hoping there will be a next time, which is the sign of a good lesson I’d say. Thanks, Kaila! This was definitely my favorite challenge, so far.

Also this week, we got started on our little garden project. It’s already so late in the season that sometimes I’m tempted to just save this for next year, but that’s the thing about the T&F challenge! Just because I can put something off, doesn’t mean I should. So last weekend, we chose a spot for our garden and decided to build two raised beds.


Thanks to E for the heavy lifting. I think these came out great! Now we just need to get some soil and compost and plant some fall-friendly veggies. I’m thinking lots of greens, and maybe some carrots, potatoes, onions, brussels sprouts? Open to suggestions…

And that’s all for this week! I’m posting on Thursday because tomorrow we’ll be traveling! #5 on my list was Take A Family Vacation, and so we’re off to Maine to visit my bestest friend Courtney and her family for a few days. They have a house on a teeny tiny island (smaller than this one!) and I’ve been hearing magical things about it for years. Can’t wait to finally see it and watch our littles play together in the sun.

Hope you’re all having excellent summers, staying cool, and maybe even checking off a few challenges of your own!