This week, I tackled one big challenge on my list: the summer vacation. Yes, I “challenged” myself to go on vacation, which probably seems absurd. But when you live on an island, and when that island is so inundated with tourists during summer months that securing a boat reservation often takes a year of foresight and planning, it’s easy to hunker down and let the whole summer pass without leaving. (And, let’s be honest, it’s not the worst place to be trapped for June, July and August.)

But there’s something about getting away, even if just for a few days, that feels sort of important and classically “summer”, and I want to make sure Evie has that experience from a young age.

So, this year, we decided to go up to Maine, to visit friends on another magical island, called Vinal Haven. I posted a few shots on Instagram, but here are some extras. We had such an incredible time!


Here’s Evie in the front yard of our friends’ house. (Isn’t this wheelbarrow adorable?) The island has all kinds of inlets and the house overlooks one. It was such a quiet, peaceful spot.


Here’s Evie with our friend, Jenna, who took the trip with us from Boston. (She was a lifesaver on the long drive and endured many rounds of “Wheels on the Bus” and Bob Marley lullabies on repeat.) This is one of Vinal Haven’s many quarries, basically a giant hole where granite was dug up (and in some cases, apparently, used to build the Brooklyn Bridge!) The holes eventually fill with rainwater and become these incredibly refreshing swimming spots. Evie cracks me up in this photo, she looks like a bouncer at a club. I also love the “No soap, No Pets” sign in the background. I can see how it would be tempting to make this place your own, personal tub.


And here we are with Courtney and her little (big!) guy, Brady. This was before she decided to give him a haircut on the front porch! He looked even cuter, afterwards, if you can imagine. All in all, it was such a great trip. Just what we needed, and the best part is it feels like a tradition we’ll be happy to keep.

How is everyone doing out there? Any summer vacations lined up?