Hi lovely friends,

Before I get on to more Challenge Updates, I have some very exciting news to share: In just a few weeks, I’ll be heading out on my very first book tour! Along with a bunch of other amazing Fierce Reads authors, I’ll be hopping around the country, visiting with bookstores and readers and one very cool-looking Teen Book Festival. Check out the details here. I. Can’t. Wait.

The past few weeks have been bittersweet. We’ve been super busy, wrapping up skate camp and hosting many, many visitors. It’s been such an incredible summer, and it’s sad to think it’s coming to an end. Living where I do, I always have a hard time saying goodbye to the summer season and all it brings — long beach days, gatherings with friends, our amazing county fair! — but I have to say that this summer with Evie has been, by far, the best one yet.

Last weekend, a bunch of my best college friends and their plus ones came to visit, as part of Challenge #4: Host a College Reunion. Despite some decidedly unseasonable weather, we had a blast. Lobster rolls and steamers in Menemsha, lazy beach mornings, trips to the West Tisbury Farmers Market, and lots of silly, late night fun after the babies were in bed.

It was so amazing just to have them all here together, but I knew I wanted to do something extra special to mark the occasion. We had also been talking about having a small, non-religious “welcoming” ceremony for Evie on the beach, and this weekend felt like the perfect time. We invited a bunch of friends to our favorite beach one evening, and asked a few people to write special blessings to help bring Evie into our wonderful Island community. We sprinkled her with ocean water and she ran around like a giggling lunatic (as usual.) It was absolutely perfect, and felt like the ideal way to celebrate having so many close friends with us on a beautiful, end-of-summer Sunday.

Here’s Evie with her new soul parents, Katie and Tony:


Here she is being welcomed by our sweet friend Kaila:


And here we are with Aunties Katie and Courtney. (Evie’s grass crown was woven by Aunt Hannah, who was most likely chasing around the other wayward babies when this photo was taken…)


I know (or I hope) that there’s not really an asteroid threatening our planet any time soon, but I do think that setting these Tumble & Fall-inspired goals for myself has truly made me appreciate beautiful moments like this one all the more.

Hope you’ve been making some special memories of your own this summer.