Well, in less than 24 hours I will be starting my journey to meet the rest of the Fierce Reads gang and I couldn’t be more excited. (**Sadly, I won’t be attending tonight’s first event in PA, due to circumstances beyond my control. But, I’m heading out to Boston tomorrow,  and meeting up with the crew just before our event in Wellesley. My old stomping grounds!**)

I have so much to report on the #tumbleandfall challenge, but considering the amount of packing (and freaking out about packing) I have left to do, that will have to wait.

Instead, I have some really fun news to share! The good people at Alloy Entertainment were kind enough to supply me with these seriously good-looking Tumble & Fall canvas tote bags:



Aren’t they great? There’s even a nice little quote on the back. And the REALLY exciting news is that I’ll be bringing a bunch of these with me on tour! I’ll have one to give out at each stop, to one lucky audience member. Every morning, I’m going to tweet out a question (or prompt, or something…haven’t quite worked out the details) and the first person to answer at the event that night, gets a bag! So be sure to follow me on Twitter if you’re planning on making it to one of the tour events this week. Hope to see you there!