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One week, seven states, eight cities and SO MANY AIRPLANES later…and I’m back from tour!

Here’s the thing about this tour: I expected the travel to be a lot. I expected the people to be lovely and the events to be interesting and great. I expected the time away from my family to be hard. And all of this was true.

But I never expected to have so much fun!

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed spending time with the Fierce Reads crew. Fellow authors Marissa Meyer, Leila Sales and S.A. Bodeen, and Macmillan publicists Molly and Mary were all an absolute delight to get to know. Before I left, I didn’t give much though to how much time we would all be spending together — not just time, but intense time, like 6 am drives to the airport time, or after-midnight hotel check-in time — and let’s just say, under different circumstances, things could have gotten tricky, once or twice.

But these ladies were all so easy to be around, and the trip was planned so meticulously (without feeling inflexible or suffocating) that there was never even a moment of discomfort. From the events to the travel to the downtime (not much, but we managed to get in a few quality meals!) every day was pleasant and exciting. I feel so very lucky to have been a part of it.

I’d love to post more about the individual bookstores and events (there were many, and they were all so welcoming and impressive) but for now, I just wanted to thank the people at Macmillan for putting together such a fabulous tour. And, of course, a big thanks to everyone who was able to come and say hello! Writing books can be a lot of lonely work, and it’s nice to be reminded that on the other side are so many thoughtful, intelligent readers. I loved meeting each and every one.

I’ll also be posting more photos, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the shenanigans we got up to at the Austin Teen Book Festival. (And if you can’t wait, check out my Instagram.)

photo 2


Happy Friday, all!



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