Oh, hi.

I’m Alex, and I write books for teenagers.

My first book, WISH, was published by Scholastic in January of 2010.

My second book, WISHFUL THINKING, also published by Scholastic, will be out was published in January of 2011.

My third book, TUMBLE & FALL, will be published by Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux, Fall 2013, under my NEW MARRIED NAME Alexandra Coutts!! 

I really hope you like them.

Here is my not-so-official official bio, the one that’s in the books I really hope you like:

“Alexandra Bullen Coutts has been a playwright, waitress, barista, gardener, script reader, yoga instructor and personal assistant.  She grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in New York City, and lives most of the year full time on Martha’s Vineyard.”

I also have two dogs and one boyfriend husband and one brand new baby girl, Evie Lee.

This is what they look like driving:


(Minus the baby. Babies don’t drive.)

They live with me on an island called Martha’s Vineyard.

Even in the winter.

Here is why:




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