The premise of my new book, Tumble & Fall, involves three teenagers living their lives in the few days before a potential asteroid strike. In a moment of weakness/insanity, I decided to pose a challenge of sorts for myself (and anyone else! maybe you!) to see how many things I could cross off my own mini-bucket list, before the book comes out in September.

And so, the #tumbleandfall challenge was born! Follow along on Twitter and Instagram, and, if you’re brave (/insane) enough to join me, post your own lists and progress and leave me a link in comments so I can find them! (And use the #tumbleandfall hashtag so others can follow along, too.)

Here’s my list:

1. Learn To Skateboard: Really, this is where it all began. I have wanted to learn to skateboard (i.e. stand, push, not fall off — I’m not talking tricks and ramps, here) for a verrrrry long time. My husband is a skateboarder. Together, we run a skateboarding camp. I watch preteens do it all summer long. Now is my chance to stop being such a chicken, especially since I know that as soon as Evie — that would be my one-year-old — is old enough to keep her balance, she’ll be learning, too. And I can’t get schooled by a toddler.

2. Take a Paddleboarding Lesson: This is another thing I’ve been dying to try. I live on an island. There could not be more ocean to play in. Time to start playing, and this seems like a fun way to do it.

3. Plant a Garden: We just moved into the house my husband built, and at long last, we have a lawn. Next, I want to build some beds for growing vegetables and a little space for flowers. Related: I want to cook and eat out of this garden, regularly. (Provided my less-than-green thumbs and I can make anything grow.)

4. Host a College ReunionThis is kind of a cheat, since I’m already planning on having a bunch of my college besties visit in August. But I want to plan something really special while they’re here. Details to come.

5. Go on a Summer Vacation: We live in one of the vacation capitals of the Northeast, and find it hard to leave in the summertime. But now that we have a kid, I want to start a tradition of going away at least once every summer, even if just for a couple days. It’s a total pain and I’ll have a lot of arm-twisting to do, but if there’s an asteroid coming in two months, I’m going to want to get off of this island again before it hits.

6. Teach Evie To Swim: Honestly, if the world were ending, I would want to teach Evie a million things, and spend every second watching her do them. But for the purposes of our challenge, I will choose just one. Again, the island thing. Swimming is a must-do, here, and we’re going to get this girl doggy-paddling (or at least floating comfortably) before September, no matter what it takes!

7. Write a Play: Little fun fact: I used to write plays. I even went to grad school for it. And then I started writing books, instead. I love writing books, but I miss writing plays. And I wouldn’t want to peace outta here without trying my hand at writing one again.

8. Date Nights: I want to start having date nights with my husband. This is really just a sneaky way of squeezing in some time with him, since I’ll be so busy doing the other insane things on this list. But if the world was ending, I would want to make sure to have some fun and special nights out with him, first. Plus, if I tell him it’s for work, he can’t say no.

9. Take a Dance Class/Throw an Epic Dance Party: I have never taken a dance class, which will come as no surprise to anybody that has ever seen me “dancing”. I want to learn some hot moves, and then I want to show them off. I will be recruiting friends for this one. It terrifies me.

10. Interview My Parents: This is something I hear about people doing and always think sounds amazing but when am I ever going to find the time to sit down and do it? Now. Now is the answer. I want to ask them all about their childhoods and young adulthoods and life together, and then do something special with it, for them, for me, and for my kids. (Who will hopefully survive the hypothetical asteroid coming in two months time.)

What can YOU do in two months?